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          Holistic Therapies


A blissful 90 minutes of Acupressure Massage on the Back, Neck, Shoulder, Face and Head

finished off with lovely Crystal Healing. A treat for the Mind, Body and Soul!

90 mins £60

Crystal Healing 

When the energies in our body are misaligned, blocked or imbalanced we will feel the effects in our mind, 

body and spirit. Healing is an excellent way to re-establish this balance and to release any blockages. 

I use crystal gemstones alongside other traditional healing methods such as Reiki, Anusha and

Chakra balancing to help renew, restore and revive. Great for stress relief, anxiety and wellbeing! 

Clients are fully clothed throughout.  

60 mins  £45    


Acupressure Massage

Acupressure works by stimulating various points throughout the face and body to help

improve energy flow and release tension and stress in the body, all aiming to bring the body back 

into a state of health, balance and wellness. Using hands and a range of acupressure and Gua Sha tools. 

It is enormously beneficial for backache, headaches, fatigue, sinus problems, anxiety, stress 

and lymphatic drainage or simply just to reboot and rejuvenate your whole system            

60mins    £45


Facial Acupressure Massage

Using ancient Eastern massage arts, this lovely treatment works on Acupressure points on the face and head

to help improve the  complexion, boost circulation to the face, stimulate the nervous system, 

remove toxins and increase lymphatic flow. It also helps to reduce sagging and wrinkles.

Natural oils are used during the treatment on the face, neck and head alongside

special gemstone Gua Sha tools.

60mins  £45

Crystal Bliss

A beautifully relaxing hour of Crystal Healing alongside the stimulation of key

Acupressure  points in the body, face and head using healing crystals.

A wonderful way to relax, rebalance, realign and recharge.

60 mins £45


Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is an ancient Ayurvedic practice aimed at promoting all aspects of well-being.

 It can be done with or without oils and works on stimulating areas of the head, neck, shoulders and face.

 It is a brilliant therapy for stress relief, to boost circulation in the head region, to aid sleep quality, 

to eliminate toxins from the body and to boost energy levels. 

30mins   £30

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