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 Holistic Therapies


A blissful 90 minutes of Acupressure Massage on the Back, Neck, Shoulders,

Face and Head finished off with lovely relaxing Crystal Healing session.

A treat for the Mind, Body and Soul!

90 mins £60

Crystal Bliss

A beautifully relaxing hour of Crystal Healing alongside the stimulation of key

Acupressure  points in the body, face and head using healing crystals.

A wonderful way to relax, rebalance, realign and recharge.

60 mins £45


Find peace and calm through a 1:1 session of Breathwork, Guided Relaxation

and Sound Healing. We will together to ease any blockages, stress

or tension leaving you feeling calmer, brighter and restored.

60mins  £45 


What is Crystal Healing?

When the energies in our body are misaligned, blocked or imbalanced we will feel the effects in our mind, 

body and spirit. Crystal Healing is an excellent way to re-establish this balance and to release any blockages. 

I use crystal gemstones alongside other traditional healing methods such as Reiki, Anusha and

Chakra balancing to help renew, restore and revive. Great for stress relief, anxiety and wellbeing!  


What is Acupressure?

Acupressure works by stimulating various points ( known as Acupoints) along energy lines in body

called Meridians. By massaging or pressing these points it will help improve energy flow, release

tension and stress, increase lymphatic flow, remove toxins, boost circulation and stimulate

the Nervous System to improve wellbeing.   It brings the body back into a state of health, balance

and wellness stimulating the body's own innate healing abilities. 

It is enormously beneficial for backache, headaches, fatigue, sinus problems, anxiety, stress 

and lymphatic drainage or simply just to reboot and rejuvenate your whole system.            

What is Sound Healing?

Sound Healing is a beautiful and powerful healing therapy using different instruments and sounds

at different frequencies and vibrations to trigger the relaxation response and healing at a cellular level.

Instruments include Crystal Singing Bowls, Gong, Chimes, Shamanic drumming and more. 

A wonderful therapy for stress, anxiety, improving sleep quality and restoring 

the body back into a state of balance and harmony

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